British Masters Track Championships, in (dodgy) pictures

The chase is on

It's all about the race, but there's plenty more going on...

British Masters Track Championships, Newport Velodrome, 4th July 2010

Jayne inserting a wheel

If you want to ride fast, you've got to get your bike just so

Adjusting the saddle

Some people have a helping hand

Janet Birkmyre warming up

When the bike's ready, it's time for a warm-up...

Taking a snooze

... or a lie down

Waiting to race

The tensest moment - waiting to race

Racing blur

Speed is everything...

Taking it easy

...for some

Cooling down

After the race, a cool down...

Post-race massage

...or a massage

Winners' jerseys

While the organisers lay out the winners' jerseys


The victor

Jayne's silver medal

Jayne takes silver in the pursuit

Jayne's gold medal

And gold in the points race. Well done Jayne!


2 thoughts on “British Masters Track Championships, in (dodgy) pictures

  1. I raced for the sum total of about half an hour, and I’ve never been so mentally exhausted. It’s the hanging about: wondering whether to eat, not eat, drink, not drink, fiddle with your gears, fiddle with the commisaire, pump your tyres up, let someone else’s down. I tell you! Thank you Simon for keeping me sane at the expense of your own sanity, probably.

    • No, no – I’m quite sane at the moment. It WAS very tiring, though. To be honest, my favourite bit was when we dozed in the van while listening to Gardener’s Question Time. But it’s always good seeing you race – especially if you win. Well done. x

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