Bike life vol.2

A Tour of Britain theme this week. Click on an image to enlarge.

Cyclists in cafe

Cafe stop en route to Stage 2, Buxton, 12 September 2010 | @marcelleholt

HTC Columbia team car

Spotted during commute to work, morning of Stage 6, Cambridge, 16 Sept 2010 | @lardychap

Waiting for the break, final Stage, London, September 2009 | Me

I want your pictures…

Whether it’s racing or relaxing, mooching about town or hitting a muddy trail – whatever it is that represents your life on a bike – please send it to me via Twitter or email. Ta.


One thought on “Bike life vol.2

  1. Five dollars to the blogger or journo who does a feature on race radios – both the in-car base stations and whatever the current iteration of the old Alinco DJ C7 ( credit card rider unit is. Should have asked you to do this during the Tour of Britain, but seriously – can you take-up this challenge? Photos take priority over words…I just want to see what the big guns are using these days. (The picture of the Columbia team car w/ the aerials reminded me of this…)

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