Bike life

Beer and bike shoes
A bottle of beer, Surbiton, August 2010

I’ve always found cycling photography to be a little one-dimensional because it tends to focus only on the three S’s of speed, suffering and scenery. Which is great, since these are all integral to the sport, but we all know that riding a bike is about so much more than these.

Your life on a bike is also about all the cafe stops, the waiting for others, the punctures, the preparation, the watching, the falling off, the cruising and chatting, the roads you ride – all the small pleasures (and occasional pains) that make our experience of cycling special and indispensable.

This is what I want to capture with Bike life. But I need your help: I’d love you to send me the pictures that sum up your experience of life on a bike so I can share them with others who are just as passionate about their riding.

Send me your pictures

Please send your images to me via Twitter or by email, with:

  • your name (or handle)
  • your website or Twitter address if you have one
  • the location
  • the month and year the picture was taken
  • a brief description.

Thank you!

Bike life


2 thoughts on “Bike life

    • Quality is immaterial, Rich – almost all of mine have been taken on a cameraphone or with a cheap digital camera. And it’s not just about taking pictures on the move. It’s about the flavour of the pictures and the sense of cycling culture they convey. It could be something as simple as your wet bike shoes drying on a radiator, the tools you use to mend your bike or just sitting around chatting in your bike kit after a ride. I’m sure you’ve got plenty!

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