On talents and tryhards

Woman running by riverI’ve always had a bit of a knack for spelling. I realised this during my first year at middle school, aged nine, when we would be subjected to a weekly spelling test. Every Monday, we’d be given ten words to learn to spell by Friday. Every week, I was too lazy to bother actually learning the words. And every week, for an entire year, I spelt (or spelled; both are acceptable) all ten words correctly in the test. Continue reading


The fixed factor or How Matt Seaton ruined my blog about the joys of riding a fixed-gear bicycle

Cyclist on track at Newport VelodromeI’ve been riding the fixed-gear for the last few days, the first time in a while I’ve been in one place long enough to do this (living in two places tends to complicate things like that). I used to ride it most of the time, but this year I’ve stuck a bigger rear sprocket on and I’ve been using it mainly as a recovery bike between training sessions – when I’ve been in the right place at the right time, that is. It’s great to be gliding through the traffic again on a bike that seems built for the purpose. Continue reading

My top ten movies, no.10: If…

People seldom believe me when I tell them my school had 20 different ties. We had a standard school tie, sixth form ties, house ties, school colours ties, a school bow tie for Christ’s sake, all sorts – 20 of them, either denoting some special status or other or marking you out as undistinguished fodder. Continue reading