On Leith Hill

Leith Hill

The escarpment rises. The trees close around and above me to form a shaded tunnel. There is only one way to go now and my purpose is clear. My body breathes in the cool, damp air as I start to climb. Roughly surfaced, intermittently steep, the road prevents rhythm. I press harder, but comfort must wait. Continue reading


“I threw myself on the track instead…”


“I decided not to contest the final sprint and throw myself on to the track instead. A couple of chaps lay down with me, in a platonic kind of way.”

Masters racer Jayne Paine hits the deck at Hillingdon. Read some more of her gems on the Willesden CC website here, here and here.

Bike porn: Italian classics


This gallery contains 5 photos.

A selection of classic Italian racers that were on display in Sigma Sport in Kingston during the 2011 Giro. I love their lean, athletic elegance – if they were people, anthropologists would describe them as ‘gracile’. Modern bikes are more … Continue reading

Cav wins!


I watched the final stage of the 2011 Tour de France at look mum no hands!, the cycling cafe in central London.The reaction as Mark Cavendish won on the Champs Élysées – for the third year in succession – was fantastic. The picture was taken over my shoulder as I punched the air – I think it captures the excitement of the moment, though.

look mum no hands customers cheer as Mark Cavendish wins